ScientificMed was founded with the goal to become a leading e-treatment platform provider. We provide healthcare givers and patients access to state-of-the-art and evidence based e-treatment solutions and services.

Our Solutions

Industry-leading e-treatments

Our e-treatment platform SciMedOne enables highly personalized therapies. We offer a holistic approach including patient reported outcomes, support for lifestyle factors, communication tools, and smart algorithms. SciMedOne supports the care giver team in delivering the best possible healthcare to their patients in a cost-efficient way.

Oncology Care

Cancer specific e-treatments

Specialized Healthcare

Adapted e-treatments for several diseases

Clinical Research

Advanced ePRO and interventional solutions

The Values of Our Solutions

We create substantial value for all major stakeholders: patients, healthcare providers and payers, care givers, pharmaceutical companies, and regulatory authorities.

Improved Therapy

Optimized therapy delivery

We always have the highest focus on improving and optimizing therapy outcomes, efficacy, and safety.

Reduced Overall Treatment Costs

Improved utilization of resources

The implementation of our solutions reduces total treatment costs thanks to improved utilization and prioritization of scarce resources, increased patient empowerment, and better patient self-management.

Increased Real World Evidence

Data that matters

Real world evidence (RWE) data plays an increasingly more important role in modern healthcare and life science. Our solutions create and handle RWE data that contributes to improved and safer therapies and drugs.

Key Features of SciMedOne

Our e-treatment platform SciMedOne

Modern and Flexible

for future proof implementation

  • Modern architecture

  • Integration with hospital healthcare information systems

  • Support for all digital channels and devices 

Disease Specific

for optimal therapy support

  • Pre-defined disease configurations

  • Adaptation possibilities for personalized therapies

  • Core base functionality for exchange of common results

Smart Algorithms

for improved patient management

  • Automated patient feedback loops

  • Support for patient prioritization management

  • Continuously improved based on real data and user feedback

Compliant and Secure

for regulatory complicance fullfilment

  • CE marked as medical device

  • Fully GDPR compliant (May 2018)

  • Secure data management


for optimal results

  • Value creation starts with high user experience 

  • Focus on user experience and usability

  • Understanding of patients' situations and needs

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