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Creating Next Generation Digitized Cancer Treatments

We are a Swedish digital health company that improves the lives of cancer patients by enhancing and supporting treatments with our innovative Digital Therapeutics (DTx) platform. We are pioneering digital therapeutics in the field of Oncology and Specialized Healthcare.

Values With Our Digital Therapeutics

Our DTx platform SciMedOne allows a close interaction between the patient and the healthcare team, including a systematic analysis of real-world facts relating to the treatment given. The platform is centered around the patient’s experience and challenges, aiming to improve disease management in all aspects on an individual basis.

SciMedOne empowers patients, healthcare providers and payers with digital tools for addressing a wide range of cancer diseases through high quality, safe, and effective data-driven digital interventions.



Treatment Outcomes

  • Improved adherence, efficiency, and safety

  • Optimized and personalized treatment

  • Earlier symptom detection



Treatment Costs

  • Improved utilization of resources

  • Improved patient self-management

  • Reduced need for medical emergency care



Real World Data

  • Improved and safer therapies and drugs

  • Reimbursement and pricing decisions

  • Quality registers

Oncology Care

Our DTx platform SciMedOne enables cancer care teams to manage, prioritize, and structure their follow-up of patients in a cost-effective and time-saving way.


Patients are provided with a mobile app, leveraging self-management of the treatment and allowing for close contact with the healthcare team.


Patients can also continuously report symptoms and health related data giving, the cancer care team valuable complementary information for better and faster decision making. This can include changes in drug prescription and dosage, scheduling of an earlier re-visit, and treatment changes.


How It Works

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Cancer care team


Doctor or nurse prescribes the DTx app to patient and registers patient in SciMedOne platform

Patient downloads and onboards the DTx app

Patient continuously register symptoms, medication intake, and health related data in the engaging and supportive DTx app

Cancer care team works proactively and efficiently with patients and prioritize critical cases with SciMedOne platform that uses smart algorithms and real-time data

Key Features

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for optimal individualized results
  • Supports the patient journey

  • Focus on user experience and usability

  • Holistic 360-degree view on patient interventions

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Disease Specific

for optimal therapy support
  • Pre-defined disease and treatment configurations

  • Adaptations for personalized therapies

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Smart Algorithms

for improved patient management
  • Automated patient feedback loops

  • Support for patient prioritization management

  • Continuously improved based on real data and user feedback

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Compliant and Secure

for regulatory complicance fullfilment
  • CE marked as medical device

  • GDPR compliant

  • Secure data management

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Modern and Flexible

for future proof implementation
  • Modern and scalable cloud-based architecture

  • Integration with electronic health record systems and healthcare information systems

What the Patients Say

"Using the app is a positive experience. The app is easy to use and contributes to a clear summary of my state of health and mood."


- Breast cancer patient

"I am very happy with the app! I especially appreciate receiving my lab test results directly to my smartphone."


- Blood cancer patient

"The possibility to check that I am taking my medication as I should is very helpful. It happens that I sometimes forget, and being reminded when that happens is extremely valuable."


- Breast cancer patient

Specialized Healthcare

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In collaboration with leading medical research universities and healthcare providers we develop and evaluate digital therapeutics supporting various lifestyle interventions and prevention of diseases.


Examples of digital interventions include increased physical activity, smoking cessation, healthy diet, and engaging in self-care activities. Our DTx platform is used to achieve better health in areas such as stroke prevention and obesity.


We also utilize the knowledge and clinical evidence from this field for further development and refinement of our digital therapeutics within oncology and hematology.

ScientificMed in Numbers



Clinicals trials

Number of ongoing or completed randomized controlled trials (RCTs) where our digital therapeutics have been evaluated



Hospitals and clinics

Number of hospitals and clinics in the Nordics where our digital therapeutics have been evaluated or implemented



Pharmaceutical companies

Number of collaborations with top-tier pharmaceutical companies

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