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Latest news regarding ScientificMed and our digital therapeutics.

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The HELD research group at Karolinska Institutet develops and evaluates a patient-centered e-health program to support primary and secondary stroke prevention and rehabilitation after stroke. ScientificMed provides the e-health solution.

For further information, please contact Johan Cederlund, ScientificMed, +46 708 63 60 05.

ScientificMed will in collaboration with a major Swedish healthcare provider and a specialist within oncology treatments develop and evaluate a patient centric application for patients diagnosed with breast cancer. The primary objectives are to improve the adherence to treatment and improve wellbeing of the patients. The overall aim of the project is to launch the e-treatment broadly within clinical practice, integrated into the infrastructure and processes of oncology care in Sweden.

For further information, please contact Johan Cederlund, ScientificMed, +46 708 63 60 05.

The MINISTOP trial will be published in the upcoming edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, AJCN.

This paper reports the first results of an mHealth obesity intervention targeting parents of preschoolaged children. Although no effect on the primary outcome fat mass index (FMI) was observed, children in the intervention group had 99% higher odds of increasing the composite score for the 6 dietary and physical activity variables.

Furthermore, the effect of the intervention was more pronounced in the children with a higher FMI. Given the young age of the children, MINISTOP focused on promoting a healthy diet and physical activity rather than weight management or energy restriction. The mHealth intervention was also highly accepted by parents with suitable levels of sustained engagement.

For further information, please contact Jan Fjellström, ScientificMed, +46 708 63 60 00.

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