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Positive study results with a DTx for breast cancer patients

Positive study results with a digital therapeutic (DTx) for breast cancer patients published in Supportive Care in Cancer

The pilot study "Patient interactive digital support for women with adjuvant endocrine therapy in order to increase compliance and quality of life" showed the app was perceived easy to use and of support in every-day life of breast cancer survivors. The patients especially appreciated the possibility to overview their reported symptoms over time in relation to their activities and physical exercise.

The primary aim of the study was to develop and investigate a patient interactive digital support (app) for patients on adjuvant endocrine breast cancer treatment. The project to develop the solution was a joint venture between the Capio St Görans hospital, ScientificMed, AstraZeneca and Novartis Sweden. It was supported with grants from the Region of Stockholm Innovation fund and with a sponsorship agreement from Novartis and AstraZeneca.

For further information, please contact Jan Fjellström, ScientificMed, +46 708 63 60 00


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